Bingo tugless dog collar
does the leash training for you.

Bingo is the only dog collar in existence that does the training for you.

The proprietary design combines the transmitter and receiver into one sleek design, correcting with gentle vibrations only when the dog is pulling.

No more guilt. When the dog stops pulling, the vibrations go away.

No more anxiety. No more juggling groceries, a training device, and your dog when you’re heading down the street.

No more worry. Typical leash training requires the owner snap or correct the dog via a leash pull, Bingo offers a tug less way to correct your dog without them seeing you as a meanie.

Bingo Tugless dog collar does the leash training for you.

  • All bark, no bite

    Show your dog the love that she shows you.

    Forget painful shocks, give your furry friend smooth vibrations.

    Compared to other dog collars, Bingo is a walk in the park!

  • You do enough already

    Grooming your friend, cleaning his poo...

    You already have enough to doo doo!

    Enjoy a stress-free walk outside...

    While Bingo keeps fur-ball right by your side.

  • Bingo is a Winner!

    The one-of-a-kind collar that does the training for you.

    Adjustable Force Gauge measures pull force and sends a wireless signal to the collar when your dog’s pushing its limits.

    Fully customizable for your special pooch!

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Bingo is the Right Call for Any
Dog and Owner!

  • Bingo is perfect for all levels of dog owners.
  • The corrective dog collar vibrates instead of shocks.
  • It’s easy to use by being more responsive and intuitive to both owner and dog.
  • If you’re an experienced fur-parent, Bingo will lend an assist.
  • If you’re a dog-owning novice, don’t worry, Bingo’s got this.
  • Got a puppy? Bingo is easy to grasp!

  • Friend with an older canine? You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks. But Bingo can!

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“Bingo is the best! My dog, Roxy, would always pull me very hard on our daily walks. My arm would always hurt from all the tugging. But since I've been using Bingo, the pulling and the pain has stopped!”

Ann Walsh – Dog Owner